WWLP Entertain: Vintage Dorothy Thorpe Vintage Punchbowl

This Dorothy Thorpe punch bowl is now mine. I am probably far more obsessed with it than any woman buying this in the 1960’s ever was. Dorothy Thorpe was a popular glassware designer and a lot of her glass sets were sold in higher end department stores throughout mid-century America.

dorothy thorpe punch bowl set

There are TONS of similar sets available on ebay and etsy and surprisingly a lot of them are in perfect condition. I picked this one up at an antique mall in the Fox Lake area. The glasses on this set are more cylindrical than the more famous (thanks to Mad Men) roly poly style–which is also abundantly available online and at antique stores.


Mid-Century Kitchen Ideas

If there is one thing I could revive from the past it would be mid-century modern design and decor. These kitchen ideas were shown in 1962 and represent a myriad of tastes from the period.

1. The Indoor Grill Master This indoor barbecue came with a stainless-steel hood that masked the ventilation system that removed all of the smoke, heat, and odors that might come from grilling inside.


Photo by: Hedrich Blessing

2. The New-fangled Kitchen I’m a fan of this one, although I can’t necessarily see it being practical. The double oven sits up high above the counter and the range is a pull out. So when you’re not cooking it retracts back into the wall as a space saver. The counter top is also fitted with stainless steel to rest hot pans on without the need of a pad.


Photo by: Hedrich Blessing

3. The Yellow Kitchen Planner The kitchen office served multiple purposes: The wife could use this space to plan meals and recipes, handle the household accounting, and perform any other “home business” duties she might come across. While her husband might have an office or den in the home to do his own work, this was her space to perform her female duties. It was also usually close enough to where the kids were eating to keep an eye on them.


Photo by: Howland Associates

4. Keep the Neighbors out If you had pesky neighbors or a terrible view, semi-transparent glass blocks could help protect your privacy and your aesthetics without damaging the light source into the kitchen.–This one is my favorite by far–Note the ceiling lamps, the stainless steel appliances, island range, low breakfast bar, and walnut cabinetry. This is what domestic dreams are made of.

IMG_4875 IMG_4886

Designer: Richard Kucera

Photo by: Hederich Blessing

“Look What’s New in Kitchen Ideas” by Sally Pepper Adams Everywoman’s Family Circle May 1962